Benedict Gressus

Human Cleric, Order of Light


Benedict Gressus
Race: Human
(Home Town: Elmsmere)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Accumulated Building Points: 0
Class: Cleric, Order of Light
Level: 1st
Experience: 0
(For Next Level: 400)
Ability Scores:
10/01 STR (Dmg. +0)
12/02 INT (Att. +1)
13/02 WIS (Init. +1, Def. +1)
14/83 DEX (Init. -1, Att. +2, Def. +3)
08/06 CON
10/05 LKS
12/01 CHA (Turning Mod. +2, Morale Mod. +1)
Honour Score: 11
Honour Category: Average
(Honour Window: 11-20)
Honour Bonuses or Penalties:
+1 to any one die roll per session
(Mulligan? No)
Hit Points: 24
(Threshold of Pain: 7)
Saving Throw Bonuses:
Physical: +0
Mental: +2
Dodge: +2
Feat of Strength: +0
Feat of Agility: +6
Movement (per second):
Crawl: 2½ ft
Walk: 5 ft
Jog: 10 ft
Run: 15 ft
Sprint: 20 ft
Patron God(s): A = Anointed
The Eternal LanternA, The True
Handedness: Right
Quirks & Flaws:
Fanatic, Bad Liar
Sex: Male
Age: 24 years
Height: 71 inches (5’11")
Weight: 143 lbs (10st 3lbs)
Hair: Brown, neck-length; full beard
Eyes: Golden brown

My name is Benedict Gressus. It means “Blessing of the steps” in old Farthian, and that’s where my tale begins. I was found on the steps of the Temple of Truth here in Elmsmere, where the good clergy took me in and raised me in the light of The True. Indeed, I was to join the ranks of the Truthseekers until one fateful night I happened across what I first thought was a simple mugging. As I ran to help the victim the scene became clearer. He was a priest of the Order of Light and his assailants a pair of hideous ghouls!

Together we were barely able to beat one the creatures into the ground, although the old priest suffered a grievous wound and my holy symbol was ripped from my neck in the melee. Then the priest was felled and the second ghoul turned on me. Desperately I fended it off as best I could but it was too strong and knocked the longsword from my hands. With both instruments of my faith taken from me I frantically reached for the fallen priest’s mace … instead The Eternal Lantern guided my hand to his divine icon and although this was a cold dark night I felt the warmth of the noon day sun coursing through me! Holding the icon aloft I let the words of the Shining One radiate from me: “You shall never again dream or see the great light. Darkness disperse. I claim the night.”

I swear I saw fear on the beast’s dead face as it turned and fled into the shadows. From that moment to this day and evermore I am beholden to the Lord of Luminosity. Upon hearing my testimony, the Courts of Justice gladly released me from my vows to complete my training with my new brothers and sisters in the Cathedral of Light.

Benedict Gressus

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