You Make Your Own Luck

Opal's Journal, page 11

Great-Uncle Kalkor used to say “You make your own luck”, and it seems the Prince of Chance is smiling upons my actions of late and a solution to the question of retrieving my apparatus from the secret subterranean chamber that became Gorin Goldenbrow’s doom.

The king is sending an expedition to search for any further clues of the fall of Caer Banorn, and I shall second my own recovery operation to them. In my stead I have appointed my new cousin Fundgar Ironstone to oversee the collection and transit of the apparatus.

This is an excellent opportunity for young Fundgar to begin forging his own noble reputation and finding his place in society. Success in this endeavour should also begin to give him personally the sense of belonging and pride that his previous status denied him; a grounding and foundation that is the right of every mountain dwarf.


bakaryu HackMonkey

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