Relevant Ability: STR/DEX/INT
Cost: 2BP
Prerequisite: No
Universal: No
Tools Required: Yes

Individuals trained in this skill are capable of working stone, whether it be into various shapes or inscribing pictures or characters onto a surface. The time taken to carry out these tasks depends on the size of the work in question as well as the level of detail and accuracy desired.

Can work stone into simple geometric shapes (uniformly sized bricks or building blocks for example)

Capable of working stone into smooth curved surfaces, capable of working with blocks of differing sizes and shapes to create a new shape (a stone arch way and keystone for example). Also able to engrave simple letters and geometric shapes into a flat stone surface.

Able to create detailed imagery, such as a face or statue. Also able to engrave advanced imagery (such as a map or a person’s likeness) into a flat stone surface.

Can replicate perfect detail or likeness into stone as well as articulated stonework such as a sliding stone secret passageway. Also able to engrave advanced imagery and stylised characters into both flat and curved stone surfaces with perfect accuracy.


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