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Player Characters:
Coran Thifir Stonesman
Brown-haired, Pock-faced, wearing patched and mis-matched clothing. Nevertheless, he seems to exude an inner strength. A Dwarf to depend on.
Gron Snorrisunclesson
One of the newer recruits of the Dauntless Mercenary Company, lending a subtle flair to complement our strong front line.
Gwydion Lodehammer
On a convergent path with the Dauntless Mercenary Company, this young hill dwarf mage is seeking an artefact of his clan lost in Caer Banorn.
Benedict Gressus
Fuelled with unshakable faith in The Eternal Lantern, this young cleric strives to be a shining beacon of hope for the poorfolk of Far Reach all alone in the night.

Grundopal Ironstone
Often mistaken for being closer than he actually was, this giant of a dwarf was on a quest for knowledge and the power that comes with it. This hero of Clan Ironstone made first contact with the dispossessed royal clan of the fallen stronghold of Caer Banorn and helped restore the rightful King Goldenbrow to the Diamond Throne.
Dorn Mansmiter
The strong right arm of the Dauntless Mercenary Company whose battleaxe and temper often saw red.
Josive Braveforger
A cleric of The Homemaker who wielded his selflessness as fiercely as he did his great hammer.

The Journal of Grundopal Ironstone
The World According to Coran

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