One of the three surviving dwarven stronghold cities, Kaz Dorn is the the westernmost dwarf city in Far Reach and the only one based in unaffiliated lands. Incidentally enough it is also the most prosperous of the three cities, predominantly due to its proximity to Helm’s Watch and the Ashiel Forest.

Although the dwarves would never spend any great deal of time trading and establishing relations with the elves, thanks to the rise of Helm’s Watch as a neutral trade city this has not been necessary. Dwarves and elves often buy goods from each other through third party human (or occasionally hill dwarf) traders, who have been making a tidy profit at the expense of dwarven and elvish pride for several years now.

Due to the city’s dependence on Helm’s Watch, its ruler King Halgrim Hammerfist has taken the unusual stance of promising military intervention in defense of Helm’s Watch should it ever be invaded by a rival warlord. Even more unusually, this position has also been backed up by Shianar Stormrider, the elven prince who rules the Ashiel Forest. Both factions are happy with the fact that the current warlord who rules the area is relatively unambitious with little interest in expanding his domain further.

The threat of reprisals from both the dwarven and elven forces have deterred many a warlord from seeking to conquer Helm’s Watch. This has provided the city of Kaz Dorn with a steady and dependable income from its gem cutting and mining operations while allowing them to easily acquire meats, lumber and particularly barley – which they turn into a wide variety of ales. The Dornbrew recipe is famed throughout the kingdom and fetches a high price amongst both human and dwarven cities alike.


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