A small village located roughly 90 miles south of Helm’s Watch, Holdt sits just north of the only easily navigable path through the mountains that seperate the countries of Far Reach and Fehena. Numbering barely more than a hundred inhabitants scattered across farmlands spanning several miles, Holdt primarily survives by serving as one of the sources of produce upon which Helm’s Watch builds its trading foundation with its dwarven and elven neighbours.

Led by the popular and talkative Konnalt, the village has found itself besieged by bandit raids for the past month, in desperation Konnalt made the journey himself with a half dozen men to Helm’s Watch in an attempt to enlist aid. Konnalt alone survived the journey, the other men giving their lives in an ambush to give him a chance of escaping. Severely wounded and exhausted, Konnalt managed to reach Helm’s Watch where he succeeded in enlisting the help of the Dauntless Mercenary Company, a group of dwarves from Kaz Dorn looking for their first big job.

The group fought through an ambush laid by the bandits before arriving at Holdt, where they unmasked the merchant Maron Gast as a mole for the bandits. They pursued him through an underground lair defeating many of his cronies before finally defeating him. On his corpse they found the location of the bandit’s hideout, an abandoned fort nestled just within the cusp of the mountain pass between Far Reach and Fehena.

The Dauntless Mercenary Company cleared out the fort and restored peace to Holdt. Though for how long that peace will last is uncertain, as with the defeat of the bandit leader it was discovered that this bandit group was actually the advance scouting force sent from Fehena to determine the readiness of Far Reach to resist an invasion…


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