Dwarf Roads

The great Dwarf Roads are a testament to both the mining skill of the dwarven race, as well as their pragmatism and unwillingness to shirk from even the most daunting of tasks. This colossal underground network connects all of the stronghold cities, allowing swift and uninterrupted access across the kingdom of Far Reach without being hindered by inconveniences such as forests, roads, settlements, mountains or highwaymen.

The passages themselves are uniform in size and configuration right the way throughout, reaching twenty feet tall and never an inch more or less than fifty feet wide. A row of pillars line each side, ten feet from the wall and twenty feet apart and every single one is lined by intricate and powerful runes which heal any cracks or damages in the walls, floor and ceiling in a fifty foot radius. These powerful runes do fade over time however, and the more a particular rune is called into use the more quickly it’s power is spent until eventually cracks in the armour allow creatures who burrow forth from the great depths to burst forth into the Dwarf Roads.

These incursions are known as Breaches, and it is the mission of the Stonebeards to patrol these great underground passageways clearing out any creatures found while their Runescribes check every rune on every pillar noting how much power is remaining and replacing spent runes with new ones. This arduous task is never ending, but such is the extent of dwarven stubbornness and pragmatism that they get on with the job regardless, the Stonebeards knowing that it is perhaps only by their vigilance can the tragedy of Caer Banorn be prevented from ever repeating itself again.

Thanks to the self healing properties of the walls on the Dwarf Roads, it is not uncommon that the noble houses of each stronghold city will seek permission to build a family crypt with hidden entrances built into the walls lining the Dwarf Roads. These secret doors are inscribed with special runes allowing them to conform to a new shape without resealing while still benefitting from the self regenerating properties of the pillar runes. These combinations of runes makes the crypts nigh on impenetrable from the Dwarf Roads without knowing the secret of entering, while any Breaches from within a crypt are unable to gain access to the Dwarf Roads.

To help safeguard their dead and their treasures, nobles will heavily and extensively trap their crypts with the secrets to disarming them known to none save themselves. These traps are often self resetting, ensuring that their deadly protection will time and again deter unwelcome guests from the depths.

Dwarf Roads

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