Caer Banorn

Located amongst the northernmost reaches of Far Reach’s mountain ranges, Caer Banorn was once one of the proudest of dwarven cities. Gemstones varied and exotic were often found only from within it’s depths and the work of Caer Banorn’s master jewelsmiths could easily fetch a king’s ransom. It is of no small surprise that their work was so popular, such was the unsurpassed quality produced that they were often suitable for enchantments.

These days, Caer Banorn is a source of shame and frustration for the dwarves. Roughly two hundred years ago Caer Banorn fell to an unknown attacker. The few survivors who escapes reported that invaders had breached the lower levels, though no alarm had been sounded until it was almost too late to escape. None of the survivors had been able to confirm the identity of those who attacked Caer Banorn, and due to the great distances between the dwarf cities it was not generally known that something had befallen the city for almost two months.

During that time many traders who had travelled the Dwarf Roads unknowingly had travelled to their doom, never to be seen or heard from again. At first there was shock and disbelief amongst the dwarven people, such a thing had never happened before in thousands of years of dwarven history. The three remaining dwarf kings convened in a hastily arranged conference, and it was determined that a quarter-legion of their finest dwarf warriors led by the renowned commander Bragg Craghammer would journey to Caer Banorn to discover the fate of the city and extract any survivors if they should be found.

The last anyone ever heard from Craghammer or his 250-strong force was the scout he sent back just before entering the city through the Dwarf Roads entrance. For two hundred years, adventurers and treasure seekers have pitted their strength, wits and fates against the forgotten depths of Caer Banorn, but none have ever returned alive.

Just over two hundred years later, the first clue as to what happened in Caer Banorn was discovered by the Dauntless Mercenary Company. A survivor named Gorin Goldenbrow had fled to the surface before being captured by a human magic user, who through numerous magical experiments and tortures had unearthed some hints from the poor dwarf about the tragic fall of Caer Banorn. The scribblings noted that “dark-skinned demons” had poured forth from beneath the King’s Level, before the city knew what had happened the King and almost all of the nobility had been slain leaving the city bereft of leadership. Gorin Goldenbrow had fled the city during the first moments of the invasion and had intended to bring word to Kaz Dorn to the south, alas he was unused to travelling on the surface and missed the city, lost in his wanderings he was found and captured by the mage and finally after two centuries his final message has been delivered.

The Dauntless Mercenary Company brought the remains of Gorin Goldenbrow with them, intending to deliver them to Kaz Dorn.

Caer Banorn

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