The southernmost of the four elven forests, Ashiel Forest is noteworthy mostly due to its relatively close relations with the human town of Helm’s Watch and the dwarven city of Kaz Dorn. The elves as a people are generally regarded as being standoffish and typically arrogant and uncaring about the immediate concerns of those around them, an attitude easily adopted when you are immortal.

Prince Shianar Stormrider is different in that respect, raised in human lands after being rescued as a captive from an orcish raid, he grew up in the town of Helm’s Watch never knowing that he was the heir to the ruling family of the Ashiel Forest. It was through accident that a visiting elf recognised the royal crest tattood on his forearm, a tradition all elven noble houses follow to prove their identity and brought him to the attention of the ruling family of the Ashiel Forest.

A possible military incident was brewing, an elven force led by Shianar’s father marched on the gates of what at the time was still barely more than a farming village. Catastrophe was prevented as Shianar stepped forward alone to be reunited with his father and long lasting friendship with the people of Helm’s Watch was cemented as he described the actions of the man who became warlord of the area in rescuing him from the orc band that kidnapped him.

Over the past decade Shianar has since become the ruler of the Ashiel Forest after his father succumbed to an illness. Although new to the role, his close ties with Helm’s Watch have seen him encourage friendship between man and elf at every opportunity, it is in no small part due to Shianar’s attitudes that Helm’s Watch has grown into the nexus of trade and neutrality that it has. He holds the humble people of the town as close to his heart as he does his own people and has promised swift and terrible reprisals against any warlord who attempts to march on it’s lands.


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