The Journal of Grundopal Ironstone

Opal's Journal


This small square book measures six inches on a side, and with it’s thick vellum pages and sturdy dark blue leather cover boards is nearly two inches thick. Bronze edging strips protect the joints and corners, and a stout clasp holds it shut tight. The front cover bears an embossed runic “GI” monogram and the untitled spine several raised bands.


Opening the book one is treated to a brace of neatly laid out paragraphs of angular dwarven runescript, beneath a legend spanning the top of the page like a lintel over a doorway.

Those literate in the dwarven language recognise the title as “In Dauntless Company”, above the first entry of the journal of a young adventurer named Grundopal Ironstone and his companions. Over the page the author notes particulars of their first foray into the dangerous mercenary life.

A page of a different parchment is glued inside the front cover as an afterthought, inscribed with an unfinished Table of Contents:

The Journal of Grundopal Ironstone

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