Princess Merolyn

Murdered princess heir and bastard daughter


Humand, Female, Deceased.


The bastard daughter of King Aldrin and Lian, a maid at the castle. Princess Merolyn was always known to be the bastard daughter of the king, but her beauty, intelligent mind and witty disposition helped her to rise above the difficult existence that most noble bastards endure.

Indeed she was everything her brothers were not, and even though it was not traditional, it was no surprise to most that King Aldrin officially recognised her as his daughter and named her successor to the throne of Far Reach.

Still only sixteen years old at the time, she was far too naive to suspect any of her brothers of foul play and was easily lured into an ambush amidst the vast halls and corridors of the castle. Her father was murdered that very same night, and the kingdom soon descended into anarchy and many still wish that things had turned out differently.

Princess Merolyn

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