Prince Vern

Last born of the Usurper Sons


Human, Male, Deceased.


The youngest son of King Aldrin and Queen Kiera, Prince Vern was universally hated by all his brothers, who blamed him for the loss of their mother, who had died whilst giving birth to him.

Constantly picked on since the day he was born, Vern had to rely on his cunning and ability to hide from his brothers just to survive. Whenever he was cornered he was always indecisive and non-confrontational, so much so that it became a part of his nature.

When Prince Jonin called the brothers together, he was only invited so as to prevent him being blameless if the plot failed. Vern played absolutely no part in either the assassination or the death of his eldest brother and the subsequent division of the lands. It was of little surprise to anyone that his was the first of the four kingdoms to fall, though the lands currently lay unclaimed by any of the surviving three brothers due to the proliferation of warlords who have risen to stake out their own claims.

Prince Vern

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