Prince Robin

3rd born of the Usurper Sons


Human, Male, 45 years old.


The third born son of King Aldrin and Queen Kiera, Prince Robin had never seen any likelihood of himself ever getting anywhere near the throne. He hated his older brothers for being born before him and he hated his younger brothers as rivals for the throne.

A hateful and cunning man, Robin had spent a great deal of his earlier years plotting to discredit his older brothers and playing cruel practical jokes on the younger ones in an attempt to dissuade them from challenging him through intimidation. His schemes caused no end of trouble and it was obvious to all, even King Aldrin that he would make a poor king.

When his half sister Merolyn was named as successor and Prince Jonin summoned the brothers together, it was Robin who concocted the plan that would see his father and half sister murdered. Later on it was Robin who broke the stalemate and divided the kingdom up into crude quarters between the four surviving brothers.

His is the only one of the four quarters that has not lost ground over the past twenty years. His cunning schemes have constantly set his brothers against one another while he fortified his own position happy with the lands he has. Rumour has it that Robin has several times funded the rise of a new warlord to keep the attentions of his brothers away from his own lands.

The only area with something resembling stability, the land he controls has come to be known as Robinshire. The area is well known for the variety of trade that it controls, ranging from the finest potters to the most skilled tailors. Almost all the wealth in Far Reach passes at some point or another through Robinshire.

Prince Robin

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