Prince Jonin

Eldest of the Usurper Sons


Human, Male, Deceased.


The eldest son of King Aldrin and Queen Kiera, Prince Jonin had always assumed that he would be chosen to rule Far Reach after his father passed on. That assumption had bred within him a contempt and laziness that saw him rarely spend any great deal of time on any activity that he saw as beneath him, such as swordplay or earning the respect and support of the nobility.

When his half-sister Merolyn was named as successor to the throne, it was the incensed Jonin who gathered his brothers together and convinced them to help him murder his father and the princess heir so they could divide up Far Reach amongst themselves.

After the deed was done however Jonin had demanded a greater share of the kingdom than the rest, proclaiming it his right as the eldest son. During the arguments that followed Jonin was stabbed in the back by the fourth-born of the five, Prince Dale.

Prince Jonin

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