Prince Granton

Second Born of the Usurper Sons


Human, Male, 48 years old.


The second born son of King Aldrin and Queen Kiera, Prince Granton was always desiring what his older brother Prince Jonin had that he could not. Out of all of the sons, he was the greediest of them all.

After the murder of his father and half-sister Merolyn, it was he that protested most loudly when Jonin had proclaimed that the biggest share of the land should be his, and it was he that remained silent when he noticed Dale draw a dagger and sneak up on his older brother.

Since they went their seperate ways, Granton and his mercenary armies have laid claim to the region of Elmsmere. This region is renowned for the quality of the lumber harvested from the great forests within. As greedy as always, Granton has cut down entire forests at a time to sell on the lumber to any of his brothers or other warlords who have risen to power who are able to match his asking prices. This wanton destruction of the ancient woodlands within the area has angered the elves who call the forests their home, and rumour says that Granton’s efforts to expand his own holdings have been checked by the need to defend his lands from within thanks to their retaliatory raids.

Prince Granton

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