Prince Dale

4th born of the Usurper Sons


Human, Male, 42 years old


The fourth born son of King Aldrin and Queen Kiera, Prince Dale was physically the biggest and strongest of all the brothers while growing up and gre accustomed to using force to get whatever he wanted.

This undesirable trait only got worse as he got older, Dale was well known within the castle as a violent and cruel bully. When he entered the military on his sixteenth birthday his parents were relieved, hoping that the military life would help straighten him out. Unfortunately his time in the military only made him more voilent and more physically capable to carry out his threats.

When his oldest brother Jonin brought the brothers together, it was Dale himself who killed the guards protecting his sleeping father before ending Aldrin’s life with his own hands. It was also Dale who later killed Jonin when the brothers were arguing over who got what share of Far Reach.

Since the division of the lands, Dale has lost almost half of his holdings but still holds the second largest of the three surviving brothers. Myrmidia has the best trained of all the armies of the surrounding areas, however any efforts at expansion have been thwarted by the continual rise of warlords in the lands surrounding his borders. Time and again when Dale has been ready to march on another’s lands he has been forced to divert his forces to crush a previously unheard of upstart warlord.

Prince Dale

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