Grundopal Ironstone

Dwarf, Male, Mage/Thief 8, Deceased


Grundopal ‘Opal’ Ironstone
Race: Mountain Dwarf
(Clan Seat: Caer Banorn)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Accumulated Building Points: 0
Class: Mage/Thief
Level: 8th
Experience: 10271
(For Next Level: 11200)
Ability Scores:
10/06 STR (Dmg. +0, Feat of Str. +0)
11/14 INT (Att. +0)
10/60 WIS (Init. +2, Def. +0)
10/02 DEX (Init. +2, Att. +0, Def. +0)
18/02 CON
11/03 LKS
07/03 CHA (Turning Mod. -3)
Honour Score: 63
Honour Category: Average
(Honour Window: 35-80)
Honour Bonuses or Penalties:
+1 to any one die roll per session
(Mulligan? No)
Hit Points: 44
(Threshold of Pain: 16)
Saving Throw Bonuses:
Physical: +11
Mental: +8
Dodge: +8
Feat of Strength: +0
Feat of Agility: +0
Movement (per second):
Crawl: 1¼ ft
Walk: 2½ ft
Jog: 5 ft
Run: 7½ ft
Sprint: 10 ft
Patron God(s): A = Anointed
The Homemaker (The Holy Mother)A
Maultier (The Mule)
Handedness: Right
Quirks & Flaws:
Tone Deaf
Sex: Male
Age: 89 years
Height: 54 inches (4’6")
Weight: 195 lbs (13st 13lbs)
Hair: Blond beard, bald pate
Eyes: Bright blue
Arcane Lore 40%, Botany 27%, Climbing/RappellingU/C 30%, Cooking/Baking 19%, Current Affairs 37%, Direction Sense 51%, Disarm TrapC 44%, Glean Information 12%, HidingU/C 15%, History(Ancient: Caer Banorn) 41%, Identify TrapC 38%, Language (Dwarven)N 67%, Language (Farthian) 19%, Language (Trade Tongue) 14%, Language (Underslave) 41%, ListeningU/C 29%, Literacy (Dwarven) 54%, Literacy (Farthian) 19%, Mining 15%, Monster Lore 15%, Oration 18%.
U = Universal Skill, N = Native Language (Universal), C = Class Core Skill
Attack Bonus (battle axe), Parry Bonus (battle axe), Parry Bonus (dagger).
Mitigate Spell Fatigue (1).
Weapons: Battle axe, Dagger, Knife.
Armour: Light, Shield.
Other: Etiquette/Manners (dwarves), Local History (Kaz Dorn), Magical Transcription, Style Sense (Far Reach).
Class Abilities:
Combat: Initiative Bonus, Backstab, Rearward Strike, Coup de Grâce.
Other: Luck Points, Thief Skill Advancement, Mage Spells.
Luck Points: 12
Spell Points: 340
Spell Book:
Apprentice Level: Buoyancy, Fire Finger.
Journeyman Level: Enrage.
First Level: Bird’s Eye View, Scorch.
Second Level: Disguise.
Third Level: White Hot Metal.
Fourth Level: Magic Projectile of Skewering.
Racial Abilities:
Pros: Size large for knock backs, size medium for HPs, low light vision, Magic Resistance, Poison Resistance, combat bonuses against certain foes, one free purchase of the Mining skill.
Defense: +6 vs. giants, ogres and trolls
Attack: +2 vs. goblins, orcs and hobgoblins
Magic Resistance: +6
Poison Resistance: +6
Cons: Poor reach, -1 penalty on Mastery Die rolls for Listening skill.
Preferential talent access: Only for axes or warhammers.

Often mistaken for being closer than he actually is, this giant of a dwarf is on a quest for knowledge … and the power that comes with it!

“Real understanding of the mysteries of this world comes only to those willing to acknowledge their own ignorance. I have embraced my shortcomings father, and that realisation is the foundation stone on which my legacy will be built. I know your regard for adventurers is less than generous, but that is your opinion and you’re entitled to be wrong. The diligent methods of you and your peers have not returned the Ironstone Clan to our ancestral halls in Caer Banorn. Perhaps my way will prove more… rewarding? The road will be hard going in places but with my ever-prospering acumen and some good fortune I shall prevail.”

Grundopal’s parting words to Erfindung Ironstone on the day he set out for Helm’s Watch and a life of adventure.


The Ironstone Clan are relative newcomers to Kaz Dorn, formerly holding a high status position in the lost dwarf stronghold of Caer Banorn as arcane advisors to the royal clan. After the fall of their ancestral city, surviving members of the clan found refuge and work with noble clans in the southern hold. Alongside their new duties the Ironstone dwarves are working to find a way to reclaim their erstwhile home but in two centuries have accomplished little.

Grundopal Ironstone (‘Opal’ for short) is the son of Erfindung, an actual dwarven mage in the stronghold of Kaz Dorn, and a committed follower of Maultier (aka The Mule, god of knowledge). Whilst following in his father’s arcane footsteps, Opal’s hunger for knowledge often leads him astray from academic studies and into situations where he’s learned that sometimes great risk is required for great reward. Hence the life of an adventurer beckons and Opal has joined several fellow mountain dwarves to form the ‘Dauntless Mercenary Company’, based in the nearby surface town of Helm’s Watch.

He keeps a journal of his adventures with them, observations on mercenary life and general musings.

Grundopal Ironstone

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