King Aldrin

Deceased King of Far Reach


Human, Male, Deceased.


King Aldrin had ruled the land of Far Reach wisely and fairly since he came to the throne in his teenage years following the deaths of both his parents to the White Plague. Though young, Aldrin had a keen mind and a knack for politics, he managed to not only win over the support of the most influential nobility but also managed to guide a kingdom driven to it’s knees by plague back into prosperity and wealth.

He married the daughter of one of the most powerful of his political piers, Kiera of House Rosen in a political match that solidified his position on the throne. Though entirely political at first, Aldrin and Kiera grew to love each other deeply. To Aldrin’s despair, Kiera died whilst giving birth to their youngest child, Vern. Kiera also gave Aldrin four other sons, the eldest was Jonin, then Granton, Robin and finally Dale.

Almost five years passed before Aldrin finally stopped grieving, and it was during a night following a feast celebrating Vern’s birthday that he sired Merolyn, a bastard daughter with Lian, a maid from the castle who had helped escort the drunken king back to his chambers.

Aldrin was growing old, and knew that time was running out for him to name a successor to the throne. With disappointment whenever he looked to his five sons they were always fighting amongst themselves, playing petty games of power at the expense of each other instead of working together as he had always hoped. His bastard daughter however was intelligent, kind and was extremely popular in court. Aldrin defied all tradition to officially recognise his bastard and named Merolyn the Princess Heir, successor to the throne.

Ultimately Aldrin had underestimated his sons’ desire for power, he never expected them to go as far as to murder Merolyn and himself.

King Aldrin

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