Blackmail and Blackguards

Opal's Journal, pages 14-15

So, it has come to this. Wandering amongst the blocks of the Stonering and the shanty town of the Surface, rubbing shoulders with the disgraced and the despicable. And to think not so long ago we supped as honoured guests at the King’s Table! Horthgar at least seems not uncomfortable in these base surroundings and speaks to the Dishonoured Caste with an ease and familiarity I find disconcerting. I know he bears little love for his betters but surely he must realise that to maintain the respect and trust the Dauntless Mercenary Company have earned to date we must not be seen to sympathise with the ignoble and the ignominious.

Such is the lot of the mercenary it seems. We are not yet in a position to pick and choose our employers and so here we are, at the behest of the Kaz Dorn Merchant’s Guild. Over recent months a criminal group calling themselves the Broken Rune have risen to prominence under the leadership of a mysterious new leader known as ‘Blackbeard’. The Broken Rune have branched out from minor underworld illegality amongst their own kind and begun blackmailing and sabotaging legitimate members of the Merchant Caste. Obviously this Blackbeard and his blackguards have to be stopped.

Our only lead was a Surface trader named Daneg, one of the dishonoured and by all accounts a dealer in stolen goods. His initial reluctance to impart what he knew of the Broken Rune swiftly gave way to craven cooperation. Their leader was named Kardruz Blackbeard and Daneg also directed us to a block address in the Stonering where he might be found. We left the fearful fence in no doubt as to the seriousness with which we took the integrity of his information, and how upset we may be if it proved false.

Fortunately for Daneg he spoke true, and we were attacked by several Broken Rune thugs at the house. They fought to the death save one young thief named Penndhing, who we captured and questioned. After the skirmish we uncovered a trap door leading to another part of the Stonering and the gang’s lair. In return for sparing his worthless life Penndhing quickly betrayed the Broken Rune, warning us of traps along the route and of the gangs numbers. Forewarned is forearmed, and with this advantage we moved through the theives’ lair laying low any that dared oppose us in our search for Blackbeard.

The leader of the Broken Rune was holed up in the heart of his lair with several guards. With a little time to prepare to face us, and with the home territory advantage Blackbeard and his associates presented us with challenging opposition. Yet with dauntless tenacity we outlasted his tricks and traps, and eventually overcame his guards and brought the time of Blackbeard and his Broken Rune to an end.

Naturally, the Merchant’s Guild were very grateful and rewarded the company with a generous trade discount on goods and services at all Kaz Dorn guild merchant’s establishments.


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