Knowing One's Place

Opal's Journal, page 6

There is nothing quite like the hangover one gets from King’s Ale! It was several days after Goldenbrow’s wake when my head was finally clear enough to seek council from the Fraternal Order of Aptitude in the matter of establishing my arcane laboratory. Discussion with Brother Awgrym has confirmed my instinct that Kaz Dorn is the ideal location. He made the point that basing myself in rooms already belonging to Clan Ironstone made financial sense as gold saved on renting or purchasing property is better invested in pure research, and the libraries and resources of both Clan and Council will be nearby. Brother Awgrym also argued against Helm’s Watch, it being a human town any rooms there are unlikely to have the thick stone walls required to contain certain ‘experimental’ arcane procedures necessary for proper research. One must be dauntless in the search for knowledge, and not held back by short-sighted neighbours complaining about the noise!

So, over the past few weeks I have installed myself in my late Great-Uncle Kalkor’s rooms. His old workshop and it’s three antechambers have been stripped back to bare rock, leaving only the stone benches for their new purpose. The adjacent living quarters are more than adequate for my own needs and will easily accommodate an apprentice or two when the time comes.

Now I just need to find some way of transporting the laboratory apparatus and fittings found in Goldenbrow’s tomb north to their new home here. Perhaps I can persuade Hrothgar of the benefits my arcane research will bring to our Company…?


bakaryu HackMonkey

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