Welcome to the Sharde campaign.

First of all, it is important to know that this campaign setting is completely unrelated to the Regalia campaign that most of you know so well. This campaign will be based in the region known as Far Reach, a land that until twenty years ago was a kingdom united under one ruler, the late King Aldrin. He was widely considered a fair and compassionate ruler and was the father of five sons; Jonin, Granton, Robin, Dale and Vern.

Unfortunately for the sons, Aldrin knew all of them to be greedy and obsessed with power and subsequently spurned them all in favour of his bastard daughter Merolyn when he named his successor. The sons, who constantly bickered and fought amongst themselves were all outraged by his decision and together hatched a plot to kill their own father and the heir to the throne and then divide the kingdom amongst themselves.

It was a sad day for Far Reach when the brothers succeeded, Aldrin and Merolyn were murdered and the triumphant brothers gathered together once more to divide up their ill won kingdom. True to nature however, their greed once more came between them and none felt they could trust the other when they came to divide the lands. Arguments became heated and blades were drawn, the eldest Jonin was killed by Dale and the remaining four knew that they were all evenly matched with a blade. Unable to trust another brother at their back the bickering ended in a stalemate, none were able to claim the lands they wanted, so they divided the land into quarters and went their seperate ways all the while intending to conquer the lands they wanted for themselves.

Twenty years have passed and three of the brothers remain, however few outside of their immediate reach place much value on their rulership and so numerous minor warlords have risen with their own dreams of conquering Far Reach and claiming the throne for themselves. Cities and villages alike are left to fend for themselves, monsters and bandits roam the countrysides unchecked, law is imposed only where it is enforcable and often never at all.

The opportunities for individuals to gather power and wealth at the expense of others are almost endless. Subsequently, so are the opportunities for heroes to rise up and be counted.


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